Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Turn on Earth

I haven't posted in such a long time! i have been so busy with girls camp and cleaning and getting ready for school! (i can't believe ill be starting my senior year in two weeks!!!) so i had girls camp last week and i was a 6th level, or YCL 2. which ment that we got  to design the t-shirts, teach certification, help with classes, make up and teach a dance, start flash mobs and a ton more. This year our camp director, Sister Duffin, wanted us to put on the play "My Turn on Earth." as we started to practice it every wednesday after mutual we realized how hard it would be and how much time it would take up and almost didn't do it. But Sister Duffin continued to push us and we ended up doing one scene every night at girls camp. The play is about a little girl named Barbra who starts in the premortal life and comes down to earth and learns about her body but is taken home early as a young mother. The first couple of nights were super fun with lots of crazy costumes, fun dances, musical numbers, and lots of glitter!! ha ha but on the last night there is a beautiful dance and musical number about how she wasn't ready to go home yet. in the end i had to be the one to take away her new born baby as she returns back home, it was amazing how a fun and silly play turned into being so spiritual and so real. Sister Duffins sister-in-law passed away a couple days into camp, she was a young mother of 4 little kids. we all worked so hard to do our best for their family and it became such a testimony builder to all of the girls there. i wish i could describe it better, this doesn't even begin to do it justice but it was something that none of us with ever forget! 


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