Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Joys of a Clean Bathroom

Yesterday my moms friend came down from Utah and was staying in my room. So of course i waited until the last minute to start cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. My room was already fairly clean so i just picked it up and it was fine. but our bathroom is kinda the joke when people come over. It is beyond disgusting and people can never even use it! there are mountains of clothes piled in the corner, a desk chair, rabbit size balls of hair, makeup, straightners, curling irons, and who knows what else!! so i decided to tackle it. i blasted Taylor Swift from my bedroom and got to work. and you will never believe this! i had the time of my life!! i was just dancing around the bathroom and singing and being crazy! i have actually grown to love cleaning! it really helps clear your mind and it makes you feel so good!! at one point i was scrubbing the shower and i was soaking wet and covered in cleaner (which kinda burned) and i was dancing and totally slipped and fell on my butt! i could not stop laughing! it was just so much fun to be gross and crazy and get something done! its the best feeling in the world to hear that my sisters college friends were kneeling in the bathtub and kissing the floors! ha ha i cant help but smile everytime i see it! yes a clean toilet makes me smile! its so weird but it was just so much fun! i highly reccomend it!


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